Israel begins National Memorial Day in Jerusalem
Israel marks Memorial Day for the 23,544 men and women who fell in defense of the state and its precursor and the 4,128 victims of terrorism since its establishment.
Apr 30, 2017, 8:56 PM (IDT)
The Bad Guys Not (Yet) Impressed by the New Sheriff
Trump’s military steps have not deflected Kim Jong-un or Ayatollah Khamenei from their nuclear goals.
New ISIS Tactics Slow US Military Assault on Mosul
Small units armed with dozens of bomb cars are forcing US, Iraqi troops to fall back.
Trump and Tehran Trade Conciliatory Signals
Khamenei’s favorite in Iran’s May 19 presidential election advocates withdrawal from Syria.
US Marines in northern Syria
DEBKAfile Special Report Apr 30, 2017, 8:14 AM (IDT)

The US has sent a group of US Marines armed with eight-wheeled Stryker armored carriers to northern Syria as a buffer between Syrian Kurds and Turkish forces, after Turkish air strikes killed 20 members of the US-backed Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units) militia. Clashes broke out between Turkish and Kurdish forces after the air strikes.

North Korean ballistic missile explodes
DEBKAfile Special Report Apr 29, 2017, 7:54 AM (IDT)

North Korea early Saturday, April 29, launched a medium ballistic missile. It failed, detonating in North air space seconds after launch, just like the first one sabotaged by the US on April 16, DEBKAfile reports.
US President Donald Trump tweeted as soon as he was informed: “North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. Bad!”

DEBKAfile Special Report Apr 29, 2017, 1:56 PM (IDT)

US president Donald Trump is collecting chips to put down on the table of an Arab-Palestinian-Israel peace parley he plans to convene. Mahmoud Abbas is building up the Palestinian stake in Cairo and Amman before arriving at the White House on May 3.  

DEBKAfile Special Report Apr 27, 2017, 9:14 AM (IDT)

Early Thursday, April 26, a mixed Syrian-Iranian-Hizballah force embarked on a general offensive in southern Syria ready for a leap on Israel’s Golan border. They moved forward in the face of Israeli warnings that were relayed from Moscow to Tehran and Hizballah.



DEBKAfile Special Report Apr 26, 2017

The US early Wednesday, April 26, began moving THAAD missile defense systems to central South Korea opposite the border with the North. Tuesday, the USS Michigan nuclear submarine docked in South Korea, after the North began a large-scale, long-range artillery fire drill. 

DEBKAfile Special Report Apr 24, 2017

President Donald Trump, who spoke Sunday with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: The status quo in North Korea is unacceptable. It’s a big problem, has been for decades and we must finally solve it.”

DEBKAfile Special Report Apr 23, 2017

US Defense Secretary James Mattis arrival in Djibouti Sunday, April 23 coincided with Egyptian President Abdul-Fatteh El-Sisi’s landing in Riyadh. Both capitals are pivotal for the Arab face-off with Iran over control of the strategic Red Sea.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Apr 22, 2017

The Syrian shells exploding on the Golan were ringing in Israel’s ears on Friday, April 21, when US Secretary of Defense James Mattis flew out after talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. 

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Apr 18, 2017

The US Mediterranean fleet is moving into position ready for a decision to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles for a crushing assault on the Islamic State’s mountain strongholds in central Sinai, debkafile reports. 

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Apr 16, 2017

A North Korean ballistic missile exploded seconds after it was launched Sunday, April 16, from a site near the port city of Sinpo. debkafile picks the four most likely methods the Americans may have applied to thwart the launch:

DEBKAfile Special Report Apr 13, 2017

The US Thursday, April 13, dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal, the 21,000lb Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), in Afghanistan on an ISIS target in the Nangathar Province east of Kabul. This was the first time it was used in combat. 

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Apr 12, 2017

It is hard to see US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson coming way from the talks he is holding with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow Wednesday, April 12, with a neatly wrapped diplomatic package for cooling the boiling tensions between their governments. President Vladimir Putin seems more than ready to turn up the heat.

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