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Netanyahu floats exit plan: Let Hamas rule Gaza, leave the IDF in control of West Bank security
Israeli air strike over the Gaza Strip
Israeli air strike over the Gaza Strip
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Jul 12, 2014, 12:58 PM (IDT)

For five days, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon confronted Hamas rockets with nothing but air strikes. IDF ground forces were left out of the action – not even a small-scale special forces’ raid against a few key targets, that would have countered charges that Netanyahu was again running away from military action proper. Instead, in a news conference Friday, July 11, the prime minister seemed to postulate an endgame: The enfeebled Hamas would stay in power in Gaza, while the IDF was given a world mandate to retain responsibility for West Bank security.

Hamas Digs Deep and Evades Israel’s Air Force
Hamas’ military machine can only be destroyed bunker by bunker from the ground.
Abbas Brings the Fatah-Tanzim Back to Fight Israel
The Palestinian leader talks peace and prepares secretly for bloody strife.
Welcome to the Islamic Caliphate and Get a Passport
Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi builds a cabinet and War Office to rule his Iraqi-Syrian domain.
Israel air strikes over the Gaza Strip
Israel air strikes over the Gaza Strip
DEBKAfile Special Report
Jul 11, 2014, 8:01 AM (IDT)

Another half a million Israelis came under rocket attack before dawn Friday, July 11, as Hamas again expanded its rocket radius up to Haifa, 150 km north of the Gaza Strip. A woman of 70 collapsed and died running for shelter after the Haifa siren. Two Katyusha rockets from Lebanon alerted Metullah, Israel’s northernmost town, early Friday. One landed between the Galilee town and Kfar Yuval. There were no casualties. debkafile: It came from a Beqaa village under Hizballah rule. IDF artillery returned the fire. Hamas rocket attacks resumed against southern Israel.

Palestinian protesters in Shuafat, Jerusalem
DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly Jul 12, 2014, 1:06 PM (IDT)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyah's calm front in the face of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis is about to be tested: Abu Mazen is secretly plotting the Third Intifada. To subscribe to DEBKA Weekly, click here.

Syrian-made M-302 rockets
DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 9, 2014, 9:06 AM (IDT)

The long-range Hamas rockets that reached Hadera 110km north of Gaza Tuesday, July 8, have been identified as the Syrian-made M-302 Khaibar missiles which Hizballah launched against Haifa in the 2006 Lebanon War. 

DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 8, 2014, 10:19 PM (IDT)

First Hamas rockets were fired or intercepted Tuesday night, July 8, over Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Givatayim, Raanana, Caesarea and Yavne. Hamas also made several attempts to smuggle terrorists into Israel for attacks: 

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 7, 2014, 9:25 PM (IDT)

Hamas broadened its massive rocket blitz Monday night, July 7 - edging further north and east to locales hitherto unscathed. Iron Dome intercepted at least 10 of the scores of rockets aimed at new urban areas.



DEBKAfile Video Dec 29, 2013

US weapons and Iranian Al Qods officers join the Iraqi army in a major anti-al-Qaeda offensive to foil Al Qaeda’s plan for its first caliphate across the Syrian-Iraqi frontier - but also to buttress the pro-Iranian Shiite crescent arching over the region. 

DEBKAfile Video Aug 17, 2013

Top US soldier Gen. Martin Dempsey has just inaugurated Centcom’s Forward Command in Jordan manned by 273 US officers. It is linked to US, Israel, Jordanian and Saudi air commands ready for an order from President Barack Obama to impose a partial no-fly zone over Syria.

DEBKAfile Video Jun 26, 2013

Shortly after DEBKA aired a special video on the Syrian war’s widening circle, Moscow announced Wednesday June 26, the evacuation beginning Friday of all Russian military and diplomatic personnel from Syria was complete, including its naval base at Tartus. 

DEBKAfile Video Apr 24, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev established links with al Qaeda’s Caucasian networks for terrorist attacks in America, starting with the Boston bombings. In 2011, Russian intelligence notified the FBI that he was on their watch list and it remains the most promising source of further intelligence

The murdered Palestinian boy Muhammed Abu Khdeir
DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 6, 2014

Israeli Police Sunday, July 6, arrested six Jewish males from Beit Shemesh and Adam near Jerusalem and from the city itself in connection with the murder of the 16-year old Palestinian Muhammad Abu Khdeir, whose charred body was found on July 2. The motive is believed to be “nationalistic revenge” for the three Israel teenage boys earlier kidnapped and slain by Hamas. Police have also found the car used by the suspects. They admit they were in the vicinity of the crime, but deny having committed the murder. 


DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 5, 2014

In less than a week, Israel is trapped in a maelstrom of violence arising from the Netanyahu government laxness after the traumatic discovery on July 30 of the bodies of the Israeli teenagers, Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrach, kidnapped and slain by Hamas. Two days later, a Palestinian boy, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, was found murdered in Jerusalem, sparking Arab riots amid scores of rockets from Gaza. “Quiet will be met with quiet,” was Israel’s feeble message to Hamas as the IDF, a highly competent counter-terror force, stood idly by.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 4, 2014

Al Qaeda Iraq (IS) and its Sunni allies were advancing Friday, July 4 on the al-Muthanna military air base at Baghdad international airport, debkafile reports. Three columns, of 1,000-1,500 fighters each, were driving forward in US-made armored Humvees and APCs taken booty. They were also after the assault planes Iran and Russia delivered to the base. The Obama administration must decide quickly whether to launch its first air strike to head off the Iraqi Islamists before they grab the strategic air base and, just as importantly, before Tehran or Moscow moves in. 

Funerals of three murdered boys in Modi'in
DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 1, 2014

The funerals of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel, buried side by side, Tuesday, July 1, were a national event, drawing many tens of thousands of sorrowing sympathizers from every segment of the population. Their anguish over the senseless murders of the three boys, shortly after they were kidnapped on June 10 on their way home, was mixed with anger and demands for real retribution. The massed mourners will be expecting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who joined them, to make good on his vow to make Hamas pay.


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