Less than two weeks before the Jan. 22 general election, the 120 Knesset seats divide roughly between 71 seats for the right-of-center plus religious parties bloc versus 49 for the left-of-center factions plus Arab parties, according to a new opinion poll broadcast by Kol Israel national radio Thursday.
Netanyahu’s Likud-Israel Beitenu is shown to be leveling out of its decline with the prospect of 34-35 seats.  It is followed by Labor under Shelly Yacimovitch steady at 17; Naftali Bennett’s Bayit Yehudi with 14+ ; the ultra-Orthodox Shas dropping to 9 – level with Yair Lapid’s new Future on its way up. Tzipi Livni’s Hatenua is down to 7 - matched by the second ultra-Orthodox Torah Judaism party.

The former ruling Kadima and right-wing Otzma are both down to two mandates each and battling for the threshold minimum of three. Left-wing Meretz may expect four seats while the Arab parties are stable at a total of ten.