Asked at a televised conference Wednesday whether Israel had targeted Hamas military chief Muhammed Deif, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu avoided a direct reply, saying only: "All terrorist chiefs are legitimate targets; none are immune."

Other points he made:

  • No let-up in campaign to overthrow Hamas rule; it will take time and endurance and is part of the world struggle against Islamist terror. But behind its bragging, Hamas has been cruelly impaired.
  • If Hamas tries to launch a war of attrition, it will be pulverized.
  • The dramatic events in the Mid East present Israel with a new political horizon, with a role for Mahmoud Abbas if he accepts the end of terror.
    DEBKAfile: He was referring to the Israeli alignment taking shape with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority.
  • There is no crisis with the US. Relations are excellent. Obama administration backup for Israel in its fight against Hamas is worthy of praise and includes support for Gaza’s demilitarization.