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The Saudi Game in Syria is over. Assad Is the Winner
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 10, 2017

They advised the Syrian opposition movement to disarm and go into post-war opposition politics.

US Starts Drawdown in Syria & Iraq, Scales Down War on ISIS
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 27, 2017

The Trump administration is also handing over parts of the war on ISIS to Syrian forces.

Syrian tank in the south
Syria declares truce before Trump-Putin talks
DEBKAfile Special Report July 3, 2017

 Moscow likely twisted Assad’s arm for a ceasefire in the south Monday July 3 in advance of the first Trump-Putin meeting in Hamburg and discussion of deconfliction zones in Syria.

Macron Sets His Foreign Compass on North Africa and War on Terror
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 29, 2017

After first accepting Assad, he agreed to join a US attack on his regime over chemical warfare.

Assad shown around Russian Latakia air base
DEBKAfile Special Report June 28, 2017

Shortly after Washington warned Damascus against any more chemical attacks and stressed that Russia and Iran would also be held to account, Syrian ruler Bashar Assad’s visit to the Russian Hmeimim Air Base in Latakia on Tuesday, June 27, bears striking symbolic, if not provocative, significance. 

USS George H.W. Bush off Syria's Mediterranean shore
US may preempt an Assad chemical strike in Syria
DEBKAfile Special Report June 27, 2017

Signs were gathering in Washington and the Middle East Tuesday, June 26 that the Trump administration was preparing a substantial military operation against the Syrian army and Bashar Assad’s allies, such as the foreign pro-Iranian Shiite militias and Hizballah. Some US military sources suggested that an American preemptive strike was on the way.

Damascus Reaches out to Jerusalem for a Deal - First Time in Seven-Year War
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 15, 2017

He asks Israel not to intervene in Syria’s battles near its border. No guarantees for Iranian or Hizballah restraint.

Assad’s Secret Decree 1445 Makes Iran Military Ruler of Syria
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 4, 2017

Iran has stolen a march on all the players in tall the players acting to resolve the Syrian conflict.

Trump-Putin call focuses on Syria, security zones
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 2, 2017

In their phone call on May 2,. both presidents advanced ideas for security zones to de-escalate the violence in Syria and deemed their cooperation “critical.” But both needed to consult their allies first.

The Bad Guys Are Not (Yet) Impressed by the New Sheriff
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 27, 2017

Trump’s military steps have not deflected Kim Jong-un or Ayatollah Khamenei from their nuclear goals.

Russia Can’t Safeguard Syria against Next US Missile Strike
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 27, 2017

The Syria air force is therefore not safe against another US missile strike.

Kurds Menaced by Turkey, Wooed by Iran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 20, 2017

Iran’s Gen. Soleimani acts to block Iraqi Kurdish independence.

Sarin Gas Bomb: Russian-Iranian Distraction from Grand US Raqqa Plan
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 6, 2017

The outrage was contrived by Russia, Iran and Assad to deflect a large-scale US buildup in Syria.

Syrian Rebels Spring out of Tunnels on Damascus
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 23, 2017

Syrian rebels sprang out of tunnels to catch the Assad regime napping.

​The next war: Hizballah tunnels, pocket drones
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 27, 2017

debkafile takes exception to the furious focus on a past war by the State Comptroller – the post mortem of any conflict will always pick at faults – when the new menaces staring Israel in the face should be at the forefront of the national discourse.

Assad Will Let Hizballah Fire Rockets against Israel from Syrian Soil
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 23, 2017

He promised Tehran the use of Syrian soil in a Hizballah war against Israel.

Turkish and Assad’s forces Race Each Other to Take Al-Bab from ISIS
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 9, 2017

They will not risk going all the way to a clash before Putin shows his hand.

Iran Sneaks Behind Russia’s Back to Steal the Syrian Show
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 9, 2017

Iran is building shadow institutions in Damascus ready to sabotage Russian positions.

Gen. Manaf Tlass: Russia’s Dark Horse for Damascus
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 19, 2017

Moscow took Assad and Tehran by surprise with a dark horse for opposition leader.

Mystery blasts in Damascus: Syria accuses Israel
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 13, 2017

There were two unclaimed explosions in Damascus overnight Thursday and early Friday (Jan.12-13) – one at an officers club in Damascus and the second at Mezzeh airport, which Syria alleged was the work of the new Israeli S-35 stealth aircraft firing across the border from a point over the Sea of Galilee. There was no claim to either of the attacks.

474 articles tagged "Bashar Assad" :
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