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Ehud Olmert, first Israeli ex-PM to face jail time
Ex-PM Ehud Olmert will appeal his six-year sentence for corruption
DEBKAfile Special Report May 13, 2014

Tel Aviv District Court judge David Rosen Tuesday, May 13, sentenced former prime minister Ehud Olmert to six years in prison and a milion-shekel ($350,000) fine on two counts of taking bribes amounting to 560,000 shekels as mayor of Jerusalem from developers of the Holyland Park residential project . Six other defendants in the same case were sentenced with him. As the only Israeli prime minister ever to be convicted of a felony or sentenced to prison his case is unique. The judge set Sept. 1 as the starting date for all the prison sentences.

Ehud Olmert convicted
Ehud Olmert convicted of taking bribes five years after being forced out as premier
DEBKAfile Special Report March 31, 2014

Tel Aviv District Court Judge David Rosen Monday March 31, convicted the former prime minister and mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert of the most severe bribe charges ever leveled against an Israeli public figure, making him liable for a stiff prison sentence. Convicted with him was his longtime assistany Shula Zaken, his successor as Jerusalem mayor, Uri Lupoliansky, and former Bank Hapoalim chaiman Dan Dankner. The judge praised the state prosecution for its perseverance in pursuing the case in the face of formidable pressure from Olmert and his associates.

Ex-PM Ehud Olmert after his partial acquittal
Olmert’s acquittal qualifies him to lead a new left-of-center bloc
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis July 10, 2012

Acquitted of two corruption charges, Ehud Olmert leapt agilely Tuesday, July 10 from the pit of disgrace into the political limelight. He is apparently preparing for the role of great unifier of the left-of-center opposition, shaping a new bloc from disparate groupings and disaffected security and military chiefs to potentially hammer Binyamin Netanyahu’s ruling right-of-center coalition.
That coalition too faces change: Before going on trial next month, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has chosen Yair Shamir to succeed him as Israel Beitenu leader.

Jerusalem Holyland Towers
Top political figures face arrest in Holyland graft case
DEBKAfile Special Report April 8, 2010

Israeli police want to question at least two prominent Israelis, some traveling overseas, on bribery and corruption charges in the Jerusalem Holyland real estate case, after arresting the lawyer Uri Messer, a longtime partner of Ehud Olmert, ex-prime minister and former Jerusalem mayor, Wednesday, April 7.  Notwithstanding the court gag order, the revelations spilling out about the lead characters involved bespeak financial corruption on an unprecedented scale whose ramifications intrude on national politics.


4 articles tagged "Ehud Olmert" :

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