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Iranian drone over Israel
Israel: the Iranian drone took no photos. Tehran: Yes it did
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 1, 2012

IRGC spokesman Brig. Gen. Ramezan Sharif’s claim Wednesday, Oct. 30, that the Iranian drone which encroached on Israeli airspace on Oct. 6 “obtained the images of many areas that are important for us,” came to counter IDF Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, Northern Command chief, who said no photos were taken because "I don't think there was a camera there." Tehran now suspects the UAV was not shot down but recovered intact and wants to find out what Israeli intelligence has learned from its equipment.

US drone engineers urgently dissect Iranian stealth UAV downed in Israel
DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly October 10, 2012

The latest DEBKA-Net-Weekly, out last Friday, reveals the unique features of the unmanned Iranian stealth flying vehicle which Israel shot down last Friday. Learn about the haste of US drone, electronic and cyber engineers to find out what secrets the Iranians pirated from the US RQ-170 captured last year and how they were applied.
Along with this rare exclusive was the disclosure of French President Francois Hollande’s resolve to lead a NATO revolt against Obama’s Syrian policy.
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Ahmadinejad unveils long-range bomber-drone Karrar
Outside threats prompt snap choice of new Israeli army chief
DEBKAfile Special Report August 22, 2010

The snap nomination of OC Southern Command Maj. Gen, Yoav Galant as Israel's 20th chief of staff was necessary - not just to dispel the climate of intrigue among competing generals, but to pull the high command together in view of the war preparations gathering momentum in Tehran, Damascus, Beirut - and even in al Qaeda in Yemen. 
Sunday, Iran unveiled a 1,000-kilometer drone armed with four cruise missiles. The Syrian army is on the ready.

3 articles tagged "Iranian UAV" :

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