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US Security Forces Chase Shooters
Islamist terror in California, Russia under ISIS threat, IDF’s first anti-ISIS drill
DEBKAfile Special Report December 3, 2015

The FBI suspects that the multiple shooting at the San Bernadino social center Wednesday night, which claimed at least 14 lives and injured 17, was an act of international terror and has not ruled out Islamist radicals. ISIS’s global impact spread dramatically that day with menaces to Russia, the first British air strike in Syria, and the Israel’s large-scale counter-ISIS exercise – the first to be carried out by any army.


Al Qaeda fights in Syria
Al Qaeda’s thrust toward Golan: Israel, Saudis, Jordan share urgent need to stem the fast-multiplying peril
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 26, 2013

The Golan villages' defense units along the Israeli-Syrian border will be put through their paces by an IDF exercise next week to build up their readiness and freshen their tactics against terrorist incursions. debkafile:  It is estimated that the figure of 6,000 jihadists of Al Qaeda and affiliates present in Syria today will have doubled by next spring. Israel's alarm is shared by Saudi Arabia, which sees al Qaeda massing in Syria and on its borders with Jordan, Iraq and Yemen and threatening to overrun Lebanon and Jordan.

Israel's Golani Brigade in war maneuver
Iranian naval exercise follows on Israel’s northern border drill
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 1, 2012

The US, Israel and Iran embarked on significant military steps Tuesday, May 1, refuting certain US media reports of a lessening in war tensions over Iran: Shortly after Israel launched a big war exercise on its northern borders with Syria and Lebanon, Iran’s border guards initiated naval drills along its southern coast where nuclear facilities, Revolutionary Guards bases and oilfields are situated.  The United States disclosed that the first phase of its anti-Iran missile defense network for protecting Europe was complete.

Practicing responses to all-out missile onslaught
IDF Northern Commander: Israel can be ready to fight within hours
DEBKAfile Special Report May 23, 2010

Three top US emissaries, Sen. John Kerry, Rahm Emanuel and Jeffrey Feltman, are in the Middle East to try and allay war tensions as Lebanon and Syrian play up Israel's homeland missile defense exercise which began Sunday, May 23. As the exercise began, OC Northern Command, Brig. Gady Eisenkott, said: "No party concerned has an interest in another showdown, but the IDF could be ready to fight within hours. [If confronted] Israel could take on both the Syrian-Lebanese front and Gaza."

Russian S-300 missile-air defense system
Lifting US ban on Russia's S-300s for Iran blows hole in Israel's security
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis May 22, 2010

Israel's security suffered a major setback on the eve of its homeland security exercise (starting Sunday, May 23) from three Obama administration concessions for buying Moscow's backing for UN Security Council sanctions against Iran. it deletes the embargo on such sophisticated weaponry as the Russian S-300 systems sought by Tehran for shooting down any US or Israel warplanes attacking its nuclear sites.
Israel has yet to protest this blow to Washington or Moscow.

5 articles tagged "Israeli exercise" :

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