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Jerusalem's Old City after terror attack
Temple Mt. opens in stages amid terror probe
DEBKAfile Special Report July 15, 2017

Pressure on Israel from the Arab world to reopen Temple Mount and its mosques for Muslim prayer without delay has been strongly countered by the Israeli police and security authorities. They need more time to complete their investigation of the scene of the terror attack, Friday, July 14, in which two Israeli officers on guard were shot dead and a third injured. Nevertheless, the site will be reopened Sunday – albeit in stages.

Bad decisions produced Amona shambles
DEBKAfile Special Report February 1, 2017

The 3,000 Israeli cops dragging people out of 42 family homes in Amona was an agonizing sight for every Israeli who awarded a failed grade to the country’s ruling institutions, without contributing an iota toward solving the dispute with the Palestinians.


Anti-terror operations in Jerusalem
Terror slowdown as Israelis absorb first shock and gear up for the next round
DEBKAfile Special Report October 14, 2015

Israelis have absorbed the first shock of the wave of Palestinian terror unleashed in the last two weeks. The Palestinians are likely absorbing the package of tough penalties for terror and deterrents the Netanyahu government began putting together Tuesday night. Wednesday, Oct. 14, saw relative calm after the deadly violence reached a new peak Tuesday. The 500 young soldiers mobilized to ramp up Jerusalem security will have to take their cues from a police force under-manned but well-seasoned in handling multiple terror


Credit: Niv Aharonson
New Police Chief Ronny Alsheikh may bring innovative technology to war on crime
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis September 27, 2015

As police commissioner, Ronny Alsheikh will not enjoy the untrammeled operational and intelligence facilities and access to data granted the Shin Beit, but have to function in a far stricter, more inhibiting framework. He will also find the police methods for fighting crime lagging far behind the innovative technology incorporated in the work of Israel’s clandestine agencies. But the new man is well placed to call on his former colleagues for cooperation in technology and intelligence to raise police standards.


4 articles tagged "Israeli police" :

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