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IDF prepare to defend border with Lebanon
Iranian intelligence officers tour Lebanese border, study IDF lines
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 7, 2010

Saturday morning, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman visited the site of the Lebanese-Israeli border clash of Tuesday, Aug. 1. debkafile reveals that Iranian intelligence and commando officers toured the border area 24 hours before him, part of a high-ranking Iranian delegation led by Ali Akbar Velayati which rushed to Beirut after the clash. Their Lebanese army escort included heads of the same 9th battalion which started the clash by shooting across the border and killing Lt. Col. Dov Harari.

Hassan Nasrallah
A Cell Phone, an Oak Tree or a Grad Missile Could Kindle a Middle East Blaze
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 6, 2010

Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah is drumming up proofs of Israeli culpability in the 2005 Hariri murder to get his own associates off the hook and force Lebanese prime minister Sa'ad Hariri to declare war on Israel.

Ahmadinehad ready for his first close-up to Lebanese-Israel border
Hectic preparations for historic Ahmadinejad visit to Beirut
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 11, 2010

Feverish preparations are afoot in Tehran for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's first visit to the Lebanese capital. Reporting this, debkafile's Iranian sources define the trip's purpose as a confrontational exercise to warn the US and Israel that full implementation of the tough new UN, US and European sanctions will provoke an Iranian war on Israel - waged from Lebanon. Ahmadinejad's trip is expected before September - with the Syrian and Qatari rulers in tow.

Hizballah ammo bunker in Al-Khiam
Hizballah advances 20,000 troops to Israeli border
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis July 11, 2010

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu keeps on vowing that Iran will not be allowed to establish an outpost on Israel's borders, but he has not lifted a finger to stop this menace ensconcing itself in the north - even though this is a gross violation of UN Security Council resolution 1701. Iran's proxy has therefore won the first round of its drive to recover the forward positions lost in the 2006 war and stands ready for the next.

Iranian mobile radar, installed in Lebanon
Syria posts Iranian radar atop tall Lebanese peak
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 3, 2010

Syria has posted the advanced early warning radar received from Iran - not on its own soil but on the highest peak of neighboring Lebanon, according to debkafile's military and intelligence sources. From Mount Sannine in central Lebanon, the new facility provides early warning against a possible Israeli surprise attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and extends the span of Iranian and Syrian electronic surveillance to Israeli air space to the south and the eastern-central Mediterranean to the west.

Practicing responses to all-out missile onslaught
IDF Northern Commander: Israel can be ready to fight within hours
DEBKAfile Special Report May 23, 2010

Three top US emissaries, Sen. John Kerry, Rahm Emanuel and Jeffrey Feltman, are in the Middle East to try and allay war tensions as Lebanon and Syrian play up Israel's homeland missile defense exercise which began Sunday, May 23. As the exercise began, OC Northern Command, Brig. Gady Eisenkott, said: "No party concerned has an interest in another showdown, but the IDF could be ready to fight within hours. [If confronted] Israel could take on both the Syrian-Lebanese front and Gaza."

New al Qaeda regional chief: Saleh Al-Qaraawi
New al Qaeda Levant chief plans fresh assaults from Gaza, Lebanon
DEBKAfile Special Report April 6, 2010

In introductory interviews to Islamist websites, Saleh Al-Qaraawi, the newly-appointed al Qaeda chief in the Levant (Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Palestinian territories) threatens to loose a fresh wave of attacks on US and Israeli targets as well as UN peacekeepers in South Lebanon. debkafile's counter-terror sources report Al Qaraawi is presented as Commander of the "Abdullah Azzam Brigades" and an appointee of al Qaeda's No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri.  

Portable Computer
When Computers Are the Agents, Lebanese and Syrian Intelligence Are Baffled
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 26, 2010

Israeli spies caught in Lebanon are the passive operators of computerized surveillance devices and have no information to spill to Lebanese spy chiefs.

Bodies recovered from crashed Ethiopian Airliner
Ethiopian Airline crash off Beirut was an act of Al-Qaeda terror
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 10, 2010

Evidence has reached debkafile that the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing which crashed after takeoff from Beirut on January 25, killing all 92 aboard, was blown up in mid-air in an al Qaeda attack, exactly one month after its failed attempt to destroy an American Northwest airliner bound for Detroit. French and Hizballah passengers were also targeted.

The bodies were found strapped to their seats with their heads and limbs blown off, typical sign of an explosion.


Lebanon repudiates UN 1559 outlawing Hizballah terror militia
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 28, 2009
Lebanon has announced its repudiation of 2004 UN Security Council resolution 1559 which in 2004 ordered all militias including Hizballah disbanded and disarmed. The announcement came two days after Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki visited Beirut and shortly after Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri held talks in Damascus with Syrian president Bashar Assad.
Hizballah telecommunications knocked out in another mysterious explosion
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 19, 2009
The mysterious explosion which knocked Hizballah's military telecommunications network out of commission Saturday night, Oct. 17, had evolved by Sunday morning into three Israeli wiretapping devices buried in the hills of Houla in South Lebanon which were discovered and blown up.
debkafile's military sources report that Hizballah and the Lebanese army got together on this story to cover up the extent of the damage to Hizballah's military telecommunications network.
Northern Israel struck by two-three Katyusha rockets from Lebanon
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 14, 2009
Israeli forces hit back with artillery fire. The Lebanese 122mm rockets landed on empty ground near the north Israel resort town of Nahariya. Israeli forces directed several artillery rounds at the source of the fire pinpointed by Lebanese forces at Qlaileh south of the Lebanese port of Tyre. There were no immediate reports of Israeli casualties and no claims of responsibility for the rocket fire. Israel complained to UN peacekeepers.
Hizballah names two Israeli Internet "spies" amid horse-trading over Lebanese cabinet
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 7, 2009
Hizballah high-up Ibrahim al Amin claimed Tuesday night, Sept. 1, that he knew the names of two Israelis who he said had been covertly diverting Lebanese Internet network traffic through the Haifa exchange center in Israel. The names he mentioned were Jerry Orenstein and Ronen Neuhaus, both of whom he said are back in Israel.
According to debkafile's sources, Orenstein is an ultra-religious business man withe firms in Israel, the UK and Cyprus. Ronen Neuhaus is the Middle East director of Tinet, formerly known as Tiscali International Network.
Lebanese Army's shock: National Internet routed through... Haifa<br/>
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 14, 2009
A large Lebanese army force which raided the Lebanese Internet network center on Mt. Barukh east of the Lebanese town of Jezzine Saturday, Aug. 8 was dismayed to discover the exchange center which carries all of Lebanon's Internet links using equipment made in Israel. An intelligence sweep found the servers were routed to an exchange center in Haifa.
Israel-Lebanese-UN teams secretly start marking out border
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 9, 2009
In deep hush, joint teams of the Israeli Defense forces, the Lebanese army and the UN Interim Peace Force - UNIFIL - with the quiet approval of the Lebanese Shiite Hizballah - began marking out the Blue Line dividing the two countries at the end of last week, debkafile reveals. If completed, the agreed border will encompass three longstanding flashpoints: the divided Ghajar Village, the Shaaba Farms and the sources of Israel's water supply.
Lebanese army on the ready for "any Israeli action"
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 2, 2009
debkafile's military sources report new tensions on the Lebanese Israeli border Tuesday, July 28.
The Lebanese army has placed troops on alert and sent armored forces to the border region to meet any "Israeli action" after Israeli's chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazy denied seeing "war clouds in the north." He added that the IDF was keeping watch on the situation.
Lebanon misuses French surveillance gear to crack alleged Israel spy rings
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 9, 2009
debkafile's intelligence sources reveal that Lebanon is enabled to crack alleged Israeli spy rings with the help of ultra-sophisticated surveillance equipment recently consigned to Lebanon by French intelligence services. French president Nicolas Sarkozy handed it over against a personal pledge from Lebanese president Michel Suleiman that it would be used exclusively against subversive Syrian and Hizballah targets.
Fears in Beirut of Hizballah coup after its election defeat
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 8, 2009
debkafile's Middle East sources report Hizballah is reported in Beirut to have a backup plan ready to seize power if defeated at the ballot-box. Loss of Lebanon is a major setback for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's chances in Iran's presidential vote Friday.
Tehran taps Nasrallah as strongman for reforming Lebanon as second Iran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 8, 2009
If Lebanon's March 8 bloc headed by Hizballah wins Lebanon's election Sunday, June 7, as it fully expects, its sponsors in Tehran have big plans for Hizballah's leader, the fiery Hassan Narallah, to become strongman, charged with establishing a second Iran and remodeling Hizballah on the lines of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.
The two candidates for prime minister are Parliament Speaker Nabih Beri, leader of the Shiite Amal movement, and Abdullah Miqtay, a very good friend of Syrian president, Bashar Assad.
Lebanon's election at center of US-Russian tug of war <br/>
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 26, 2009
Shortly after visiting US Vice President Joseph Biden stated in Beirut Friday, May 22, that his government would assess future aid to Lebanon according to the outcome of its June 7 general election, Moscow announced that foreign minister Sergei Lavrov would visit Damascus and Beirut on May 23-25.
debkafile's Middle East sources report that Lavrov's trip is mean to convey that, unlike Washington, Moscow is well-connected on both sides of Lebanon's political spectrum.
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