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Bibi’s foes seeking a Promised Land
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis May 21, 2016

The unprecedented political and personal attacks on Friday night by opponents and former allies of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister-designate Avigdor Lieberman, who used every possible media platform to warn that “the fascists are coming,” is more indicative of their personal and political situation than of the domestic political reality of the State of Israel. 

Ya’alon’s rebuke of Hebron soldier sparks a bid to topple Netanyahu
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 10, 2016

debkafile has discovered a group coming together to counter the opposition to defense minister’s handling of the Hebron soldier affair and using it as a fulcrum for overturning the Netanyahu’s government. The plan calls for a no-confidence vote, followed by a general election. Moshe Ya’alon would head a new right-of-center party as its leader and candidate for next prime minister. The defense minister has not made any commitments to this initiative.

Will they manage to form a national emergency government?
For a unity government Netanyahu offers Herzog hard-to-refuse deal: Seven cabinet posts in centrist cabinet
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 18, 2015

In long conversations taking place in the last few days, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has put before opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog a proposition for a national emergency government, which debkafile’s political sources are calling the “Deal of the Century.” It would toss out the traditional lines polarizing the “rightwing” and “leftwing” political camps and reshuffle them in a different order – that is if the Labor leader says yes. He is offered at least seven top portfolios for his party. Herzog himself would be Acting Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. The new centrist guidelines would leave room for talks with the Palestinians.


3 articles tagged "Likud" :

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