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Malaysian Airline crash site in E. Ukraine
Crisis deepens over Malaysian air crash over Ukraine, adding to US-Russian strains
DEBKAfile Special Report July 19, 2014

The international crisis swirling around the shooting down by a Russia Buk anti-air missile of the Malaysian passenger flight Boeing 777 over E. Ukraine, killing all 298 people aboard, deepened further Saturday, July 19. Washington suspects Moscow of supplying the pro-Russian separatists with the lethal missile, whereas the Europeans accuse them of preventing international observers obtaining access to the crash site near their village of Rozsypne. Teams from Europol and Interpol head to Ukraine to identify the bodies of the plane crash victims. European officials don’t trust the rebels’ post mortem examinations.

US Accused of Holding Back Data – and Equipment – for Finding Missing MH370
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 29, 2014

As the search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 hits another stumbling block, accusations fly that the US is holding back critical data that could help the efforts.

The hunt for the missing Malaysian airliner
MH370 stays missing for want of data-sharing among intelligence searchers
DEBKAfile Special Report March 28, 2014

The fourth week of the hunt for MH370 begins with a shift to a new “credible area.” World intelligence agencies, racing to discover the missing Malaysian airliner, could achieve more by openly sharing their data. However they are using the search additionally to try out their own innovative intelligence and military technology; check out fellow-agencies’ satellite and electronic cyber resources; determine their outer limits; and study their rivals’ strengths and weaknesses in the event of potential sea, air or cyber conflicts in one of the most forbidding areas on earth.

Lost Malaysian airliner: First part of mystery solved
Malaysian PM: MH370 flight ended in Indian Ocean, all aboard lost. No word on how it happened
DEBKAfile Special Report March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, seventeen days after the Malaysian Flight 370 vanished en route to Beijing, Malaysian Prime minister Najib Razak delivered a short statement regretfully affirming that the missing airliner ended its flight in the southern Indian Ocean. The 239 passengers and crew could not have survived. Their families have been informed. Razak said British satellite data analysis helped establish the place where MH370 came down with technology never before used in searching for lost aircraft. He did not explain how the plane came to be there, promising another news conference Tuesday. 

The pilots of the missing Malaysian Boeing 777.
US, Russian, Chinese military satellites hunt MH370 over Central Asia. Is it readied for a terrorist attack?
DEBKAfile Special Report March 16, 2014

The US, Russia and China Sunday, March 16 contributed military satellites to the search for the Malaysian Boeing 777, missing without a trace for nine days with 239 people aboard. debkafile: The hunt focuses increasingly on some unknown derelict airfield in remote Central Asia, with the investigative accent on the contents of the cargo hold or a possible hijacking by terrorists to prepare for a major attack. Were they Uyghur separatists or others? Was the plane downed by cyber means? And were the pilots complicit in a plot to make Flight MH370 vanish?

5 articles tagged "Malaysian airliner" :

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