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Model of a nuclear bomb
Obama projects an Israel visit in July: before or after an attack on Iran?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis March 9, 2012

Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu gave President Obama breathing-space for a decision on the timing of an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, debkafile reports. The US president’s possible July visit to Israel will aim to boost his bid for re-election, depending on such imponderables as whether it comes before or after this attack and who ends up staging it.  Meir Dagan, ex-Mossad chief claims there is still time for diplomacy because Tehran (whose leaders are sworn to destroy Israel and forging ahead with their nuclear program) are rational.

Liam Fox
The UK Defense Secretary Who Wanted His Own Intelligence Arm
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 21, 2011

Liam Fox tried to break the UK pattern a new defense secretary every year by establishing his own independent intelligence arm to support strategic policy-making and boosting the British arms industries' exports. He was forced to resign by a smear campaign in the media conducted by his rivals.

Meir Dagan
The Accused: Mossad Chief Meir Dagan and Vladimir Putin
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 8, 2011

Former Mossad Direct Meir Dagan's campaign against an Israeli strike on Iran and his miscalculation of the rate of Iran's progress toward a nuke have brought down on him the ire of his predecessors on the job and former foreign colleagues in Western intelligence. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is also blamed for the secrecy which let Iran race ahead.

Binyamin Netanyahu and Meir Dagan
Two Scandals Shaking Israel's Government Intersect in the Oil Emirate
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 10, 2011

Two scandals are rocking the Israeli government: One arises from the former Mossad chief Meir Dagan's deadly attacks on the Netanyahu government; the other from US sanctions suddenly landing on Israel's richest plutocrats, the Ofer Brothers. Both have their roots in the Gulf oil emirate.

Washington Chops the Ofer Brothers for Fishing in its Gulf Waters
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 10, 2011

After the Americans drove Israel security contractors and the Mossad out of Abu Dhabi, the Ofer Brothers thought their business dealings through Palestinian middlemen were safe. US sanctions opened their eyes to this miscalculation.

Iran's nuclear clock ticks steadily
Iran has secretly stocked enriched uranium for four nuclear bombs
DEBKAfile Special Report June 3, 2011

By April 2011, Iran had accumulated a quantity of U-235 that can be enriched in short order to sufficient 90 percent (weapons grade) uranium to fuel four nuclear bombs - and attained "virtual" nuclear weapon state. This was revealed by the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, America's scientific watchdog on world nuclear weapons production, in its June 2 report.  By breaking the IAEA seal at the Natanz enrichment plant, Iran gained another 6-7 months for concealing the work there.

Ex-Mossad chief Meir Dagan
Even Mossad can get it wrong. Dagan backtracks on Iran's 2015 timeline
DEBKAfile Special Report January 17, 2011

Outgoing Mossad Director Meir Dagan has revised his earlier prognosis that Iran would not have nuclear weapons before 2015 because of technical obstacles. In his last briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and the Security Committee, Monday, Jan. 17, Dagan said, "The Iranian nuclear challenge will remain significant… the timing will not change the fact that Iran is working towards nuclear military capabilities and in certain scenarios can shorten the timeline." He mentioned North Korea in this context.

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