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US on alert for terror strikes around elections
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis November 4, 2016

The FBI has warned officials in New York, Texas and Virginia about possible al Qaeda or ISIS attacks in the run-up to Election Day on Nov. 8. No specific locations were mentioned. However, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates airports, tunnels and bridges around New York City, are continuing "a high level of patrols." The warning comes a day after the debkafile report of a terror threat possibly timed for the US election.

Rahimi’s Al Qaeda handler is based in Quetta
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 20, 2016

During his rips to Afghanistan, Ahmad Khan Rahimi secretly visited Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders in Quetta, Pakistan, and was appointed a regular Al Qaeda controller who kept in touch with him up until the present when he executed three bombing attacks in New York City and New Jersey. The same controller runs a number of terrorist sleepers in America.

ISIS threatens New York and worldwide terror panic. French raid aided by Moroccan intelligence
DEBKAfile Special Report November 19, 2015

Thursday Nov. 19, ISIS threatened a suicide attack on New York’s iconic Times Square, depicting a bomber unzipping his coat to display an explosive vest. The NYPD rushed to the scene. Anti-terror agencies are taking no chances after the string of terrorist slaughters claimed by the Islamic state. 

3 articles tagged "New York" :

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