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Trump’s Landmark Decision to Join Forces with Russia – First in Syria
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 26, 2017

The US and Russia will start their collaboration in Syria to test how it works for other places.


After bombers, Russian S-400s for Iranian base
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 16, 2016

Russian giant Antonov An-124 air freighters are ready to take off Wednesday, Aug. 17, carrying an array of advanced S-400 and S-300 air defense missiles bound for the Russian air base just completed at Nojeh, 50 km from the western Iranian town of Hamedan 


Exclusive: US warplanes intervene in Syrian war
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 17, 2016

On Tuesday, May 17, the US expanded its involvement in the war in Syria, and for the first time since the war began in 2011, US F-16 fighter-bombers bombed radical Syrian rebels fighting Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah forces near Aleppo, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources say in an exclusive report. 

Russian aircraft shot down despite ‘President-S’ system
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 13, 2016

The speculation that terrorist organizations in Syria, and apparently in Iraq, possess advanced shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles capable of overcoming defenses of Russian aircraft became reality when one of Russia’s Mi-28H attack helicopters was shot down in Syria on April 11. The aircraft is equipped with the most advanced defensive system of its kind, the President-S, which is resistant to active and passive jamming. The details:

Close Air-Ground Coordination Is Russia’s Secret Weapon in Syria
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 18, 2016

The Russians don’t waste time and money on training local troops as professional soldiers but adjust their aerial campaign tactics to the capabilities of the local ground forces available.

Syrian war as testing ground for Russia’s latest sea and air weapons
DEBKAfile Special Report December 13, 2015

Like other manufacturers of advanced military weaponry, Russia has sought - and found in the Syrian conflict - a live battleground for testing its latest and most advanced tools of war. The two most sophisticated Russian armaments tested are the Kalibr NK cruise missile and the Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback fighter-bomber. The Kalibr was fired first from a surface warship on the Caspian Sea, then from a Kilo-class submarine in the E. Mediterranean. Teh Russians have shown NATO a 2,500km long chain of warships and cruise missiles running from Kaliningrad to the eastern Mediterranean.

6 articles tagged "Russian warplanes" :

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