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Abbas scheme for rival Jerusalem municipality
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 15, 2016

The US, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel too have warned the octogenarian Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas against holding the Oct. 8 municipal elections he has called for the Palestinian-ruled West Bank towns and locales and the Gaza Strip. 

Chemical shell shrapnel
UN experts to hunt for chemical shell shrapnel - as West poised to strike Syria this week
DEBKAfile Special Report August 26, 2013

Five days late, UN team of experts Monday, Aug. 26, start scouring a site in eastern Damascus for shrapnel from the poison gas shells or rockets fired by the Syrian army’s 155th Brigade last Wednesday. debkafile: This was decided between the UN Secretariat and the White House Sunday night. They agreed that the only chance of finding evidence was to examine a targeted site or injured victims. Since, the latter are unavailable, the experts hope that even after a Syrian cleanup they may turn up shell fragments however microscopic.

Pakistan's GhauriII guided missile
Two Pakistani N-bombs available to Saudi Arabia
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 30, 2010

Saudi Arabia has jumped ahead of Iran by obtaining the use of two Pakistani nuclear bombs or guided missile warheads. debkafile's Gulf sources believe the weapons are ready for delivery upon royal summons in Pakistan's nuclear air base at Kamra in the northern district of Attock. Already delivered is a quantity of Pakistan's Ghauri-II missile with an extended range of 2,300 kilometers. They are tucked away in silos in the underground city of Al-Sulaiyil, south of the capital Riyadh.

King Abdullah - hospitalized indefinitely
Silence on Saudi King's medical condition stirs interest in Tehran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 19, 2010

No outsider has seen Saudi King Abdullah, 87, since Dec. 3 when he underwent a second operation, described as "surgery to stabilize several vertebrae on the spinal cord" at the Presbyterian Hospital, New York.  His relatives and the royal retinue have taken over a whole hospital wing and the entire Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, but maintained an unbroken silence for 18 days about the king's medical condition.  Tehran is already looking ahead to the post-Abdullah era.

4 articles tagged "Saudi" :

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