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Getting Close to a Saudi-GCC Mechanism for Interaction with Israel
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 9, 2017

The GCC and Israel are rapidly strengthening diplomatic and security ties.

She locked him in for another day of talks
Nuclear talks in Istanbul end in impasse with no new date
DEBKAfile Special Report January 22, 2011

The world powers' bid to address the controversy over Iran's nuclear program by diplomacy has ended in impasse. Saturday, Jan. 22, EU foreign policy executive Catherine Ashton who led the team of six powers said Iran had come to the talks with pre-conditions but the door was still open. Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili demanded international recognition of his country's right to uranium enrichment. The rehashed enriched uranium swap plan was rejected. The foreign team was described as angry and frustrated.

Top US team-player
Tony Blair's Amazing "Journey" to the White House
DEBKAfile DEBKA Weekly September 16, 2010

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has carved out for himself a role at Barack Obama's right hand - uniquely for a non-American politician. In its latest issue out Friday, DEBKA-Net-Weekly looks behind Tony Blair's astonishing rise to the top of the White House team of policy-makers, especially on the Middle East and Iran. His popularity in Washington is matched inversely by his falling stakes at home and in Europe.

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3 articles tagged "Tony Blair" :

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