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Claims that Istanbul bomber targeted Israelis - Turkish disinformation
DEBKAfile Special Report March 21, 2016

The widely-reported claim originating in the Turkish media Monday, March 21, that the suicide bomber who murdered four people and injured 39 in Istanbul Saturday had deliberately targeted Israeli tourists is challenged by debkafile’s intelligence sources. They classify those reports as "Turkish disinformation" meant to demonstrate that their MIT intelligence service was on top of the wave of terror sweeping their country.

Zaman journalists protest takeover
Turkey and Saudi Arabia hit back for the Obama-Putin Syrian pact
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis March 5, 2016

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have taken separate steps to break free from Washington’s dictates on the Syrian issue and show their resistance to Russia’s highhanded intervention in Syria. They are moving on separate tracks to signal their defiance and frustration with the exclusive pact between Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin which ostracizes Riyadh and Ankara on the Syrian question. Turkey, saddled with three million Syrian refugees, is desperate for a no-fly, security zone to shelter them on Syrian soil.

Iranian protesters hope to gather momentum
Iran stops Turkish president greeting protesters
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 14, 2011

Monday night, Feb. 14, Iranian Basij heavies were still beating up thousands of anti-regime protesters who turned out in the streets of 30 cities during the day for the opposition's first substantial demonstration since 2009. In Tehran, one demonstrator was shot dead and two injured. debkafile reports exclusively that visiting Turkish president Abdullah Gul wanted to meet and greet them but Mahmound Ahmadinejad stopped him. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also voiced support for the Iranian protesters.


3 articles tagged "Turkish president" :

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