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President Trump and first lady land in Israel for state visit
Trump lands in Israel amid peace over-reach
DEBKAfile Special Report May 22, 2017

The arrival of US President Donald Trump in Israel Monday after a direct flight from Riyadh was briefly delayed, as a full-ceremonial welcome awaited him at Ben-Gurion airport. Trump’s avowed resolve to crack the 100-year old Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the “ultimate deal” is treated with skepticism – affectionately by Israelis, and gloomily by the Palestinians. 

Trump assembles chips for his Mid East peace bid
DEBKAfile Special Report April 29, 2017

US president Donald Trump is collecting chips to put down on the table of an Arab-Palestinian-Israel peace parley he plans to convene. Mahmoud Abbas is building up the Palestinian stake in Cairo and Amman before arriving at the White House on May 3.  

Trump’s envoy to Abu Mazen: Crack down on terror
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 16, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: US President Donald Trump's Middle East peace envoy Jason Greenblatt emphasized to Mahmoud Abbas the broad Arab-based nature of the new peace initiative in contrast to the previous administration's narrow, bilateral effor which ran in to the sand.

Binyamin Netanyahu weighs his Palestinian options
US accepts new Palestinian unity government, turns aside Israel’s objections
DEBKAfile Special Report June 2, 2014

The US will work with and send aid to the new Palestinian government despite Israel's concerns, US Secretary of State John Kerry informed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday, after Mahmoud Abbas sealed his partnership with Hamas by swearing in their shared government in Ramallah. The EU echoed the US decision. Both therefore brushed off Netanyahu’s call to shun the new government for co-opting a terrorist organization. Israel warned the new government would be responsible for rocket fire out of Gaza, and punitive steps were pending..

Friendly rendezvous at Sharm el-Sheikh
Mubarak and Netanyahu frame strategy for Israel-Palestinian talks
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 3, 2010

Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and president Hosni Mubarak agreed on a joint strategy when they talked at Sharm el-Sheikh Monday, May 3, debkafile reports.  it was to go for a partial solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict based on setting up a Palestinian state within temporary borders, although this formula was repeatedly rejected by Washington and the Palestinians. Both also see Hamas control of the Gaza Strip slipping sharply as a result of their joint embargo on Gaza.

Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian leader Abbas now willing to renew peace talks
DEBKAfile Special Report April 26, 2010

Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas stated Monday, April 26 that he is willing to go back to negotiations with Israel, without pre-conditions, if the Arab League's monitoring committee session on May 1 approves. "Try me," he said in an exclusive interview with Israel Channel 2 TV's Ehud Yaari.
debkafile notes that Abbas appears to have radically changed direction after 15 months of stalling against US efforts to restart the talks on one pretext or another.

No Climb-downs after Bush ME Speech
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 30, 2002
The Middle East is waiting with bated breath for the follow-up steps to President George W. Bush's landmark Middle East policy speech last Monday, June 23. No climb-downs are likely on any side. At the G-8 Summit in Canada last Wednesday, June 25, Bush said (if Arafat dug his heels in) he did not rule out military action against him. He did not specify by whom, whether America, Israel or, under a US plan outlined in the past in debkafile , by Egyptian and Jordanian security forces taking charge, respectively, of the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
Alert for Six-Day War Anniversary on June 6
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 4, 2002
America has finally taken off the gloves to Arafat. This time, when CIA director George Tenet called on Yasser Arafat in Ramallah Tuesday, June 4, he gave it to him straight from the shoulder, according to a high-placed debkafile source. America, he said, expects the Palestinian leader to drop the double game he has been playing for two years, turn away from violence and sack his terror-mongering security chiefs. No other reforms would satisfy. If Arafat refused, Tenet hinted he risked being treated by the US government as a terrorist, with all the consequences entailed. With no desire to interfere in Palestinian lives, Washington insisted only that they turn their backs on terrorism.
Powell Refocuses on Tehran-Baghdad-Beirut-Damascus-Ramallah Axis Ahead of Arafat Issue
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 13, 2002
Arafat is kept in the picture by his allies - Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and the Hizballah. When the secretary of state said he had been given an eye opener, Yasser Arafat, understood his allies had been handed a grave caution. From his place of siege in Ramallah, the Palestinian leader therefore produced a lukewarm, equivocal condemnation of terror - not in his voice and without mention of suicide bombers. While the White House spokesman emphasized its condemnation by referring to those terrorists as "homicide bombers", in the sense of murderers, Arafat regards them as martyrs.
Cheney Pushes Arafat and Saddam into Same Corner
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 19, 2002
When US Vice President Richard Cheney began his whirlwind Middle East tour, only one regional leader was under US ultimatum. When he left, on Tuesday, March 19, there were two: Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein. Neither is expected to surrender. debkafile's US and Israeli sources report that, as Cheney headed for his broadcast joint news conference with Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, US envoy Anthony Zinni sped to Ramallah. He was instructed to give Arafat due warning: Take a week to toe the US line - or face the consequences.
Europeans, Israeli Left, at Odds with Washington on Arafat
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 9, 2002
To underline their uncompromising position, US government spokesmen in Washington made haste on Saturday, February 9, to reject the Middle East positions articulated by European Union foreign ministers meeting in Madrid, recognizing Arafat as the only legitimate Palestinian leader. In a powerful vote for Arafat, France called for Palestinian elections within two months to strengthen his undisputed leadership. The European foreign ministers adopted the French proposal and called for the immediate creation of a Palestinian state as the starting point for peace negotiations with Israel.
Bush Supports Israel's Anti-Terror Front
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 5, 2001
debkafile 's political analysts note President Bush's striking departure from the line taken by his predecessors. President Clinton, who engaged intensely and personally in Middle East peacemaking, worked according to the premise that if enough Israeli concessions were forthcoming to satisfy Palestinian national aspirations, a Middle East peace would come to pass - instead of which Yasser Arafat and his following took those concessions as a fulcrum for destructive anti-Israel terror. Bush has condemned Palestinian violence more strongly and clearly than any world leader, in terms that invite close parallels between the anti-al Qaeda-Taliban front of America's war on terror and Israel's campaign against the Palestinian brand.
Arafat is Cautioned by Powell
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 18, 2001
The Bush administration has clearly placed Arafat, Assad and countries harboring terrorists on notice to actively fight the blight, or take the consequences. All Washington wants to hear is what Mubarak is doing to root out the extremist Egyptian Jihad Islami and the jihadist Takfir al Hajira, how Assad is putting down the Palestinian Hamas, Jihad Islami and popular fronts and when Arafat is going to scotch Palestinian violence.
Bush Promises Pressure on... Arafat
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 24, 2001
Clearly, a rupture in US-Israeli relations is not at hand, notwithstanding the heavy warnings. If anything, the US president appears to be losing patience with the Arab and Muslim world, friends and foes alike. Whereas Monday, the Bush Administration announced warfare would be suspending in honor of the Muslim month of Ramadan starting November 15, Tuesday that promise was withdrawn. The Palestinian leader may also have to adapt to his new standing. Whereas before the Zeevi murder he was the perennial partner for peace, today the US president like the Israeli prime minister consider him a terrorist.
Palestinian Official to US - for Medical Treatment
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 13, 2001
debkafile 's Washington sources, while confirming that Yasser Arafat's deputy, Abu Mazen, will indeed meet US secretary of state Colin Powell in the US capital this week, stress that their meeting has no diplomatic agenda. They dismiss widespread reports that the Mitchell Commission's findings or a White House invitation for Arafat are to be discussed. Washington officials, whom he will meet beforehand, know full well that their visitor has distanced himself openly from Arafat and his intifada and the two barely communicate. The purpose of his trip, according to debkafile's Palestinian sources, is prostate cancer treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.
Prospects of White House Invitation for Arafat
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 6, 2001
Israel foreign minister Shimon Peres's Washington visit last week advanced the Palestinian leader's chances of receiving an invitation. When he raised the possibility to President Bush and Secretary Powell, he heard no sounds of dissent. Therefore, after meeting the president, Peres felt free to repeat the view that he regards Arafat as a peace partner.
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