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Palestinians ramp up terror to gunfire. Israel Intelligence still at a loss
DEBKAfile Special Report February 15, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 14, will go down as a landmark day in the terror campaign the Palestinians have been waging against Israel for five months. It marked the latest, deliberately ramped-up phase: After advancing from rocks, stabbings, car rammings and teen attacks, through the stage of loners to gangs of two and three, this week, it moved up to shooting and explosive devices. Four Palestinian shooting attacks took place in 12 hours, most using knock-off Carl Gustav submachine guns which are turned out by illegal foundries in Nablus.

Israeli police on anti-terror duty
Israel security forces may use live fire for Palestinian rocks, firebombs, and “popular terror”
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis September 20, 2015

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has approved tougher rules of engagement for security forces grappling with the latest surge of Palestinian terror, ready for the security cabinet’s endorsement Sunday, Sept. 20. First cleared with the State Attorney was the use of the Ruger rifle by Jerusalem police. This weapon fires light 0.22 (5.59mm) bullets packed with a small amount of explosive which can cause injury within a 100m radius. It may used only in life-threatening situations, such as stoning and firebomb attacks. The new rules are effective for all parts of Israel.

Shooting incident over at Turkish Tel Aviv embassy
DEBKAfile Special Report August 17, 2010

A Turkish embassy spokesman in Tel Aviv said the incident of Aug. 17 began when a man broke into the building with a knife by jumping over the outer fence. He was shot in the leg inside the building after taking two hostages and threatening to kill them and set it on fire if he was denied asylum in Turkey. He was later identified as a Palestinian called Nadiv Injessa, 32, from Ramallah. He was released from jail a few weeks ago after serving time for various offenses including breaking into the UK embassy four years ago and demanding asylum there too.


3 articles tagged "gunfire" :

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