Afula is hit by a new, more powerful rocket identified by Hizballah as Khaibar-1 (after Mohammed’s battle with the Jews of Medina)

Afula in the Jezreel Valley is 70km from the Lebanese border, 15 km south of Haifa. debkafile reports the 120-130 km-range missile may have been fired from a point north of the Hatzbaiya River near Qaroun Lake.
Earlier, debkafile reported exclusively: Israeli intelligence has upped its estimate of Hizballah`s stock of Zelzal-2 missiles whose 250km range covers Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Israeli army chiefs fear that Hassan Nasrallah, having received the nod from Tehran Wednesday, will start firing them at central Israel over the weekend. Anti-missile missile systems have been deployed.
Although the Israeli air force has destroyed some of these missiles which carry a 600 kilo payload, several dozen still remain. Thursday night and Friday morning, July 28, Israeli bombers struck Hizballah locations in the northern Beqaa Valley where the Zelzal-2 missiles are stored.
debkafile‘s military sources add: The Israeli army discovered the 3.5-ton, 8.46 meters long missiles were stored in buildings with strengthened floors and walls to carry their weight, their roofs removed and replaced with makeshift coverings such as branches and twigs. These coverings are dense enough to block the missiles from the view of Israeli aircraft but are easily removable to enable the rapid launch of the Zelzal from inside the building where it is stored. The warning by Israel’s generals about the Zelzal’s deployment also applies to the Mohajer-4, a pilotless aircraft packed with explosives. In November 2004 and April 2005, this Iranian drone penetrated Israeli airspace undetected.

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