Ahmadinejad: A happy day for the region is near. The world is on the verge of great changes. The Iranian president also warned Israel that by its action in Lebanon it is playing with fire

Iran`s parliament speaker warned no part of Israel is safe from Hizballah rockets. Sunday, July 16, Iranian leader Ali Khameini gave the Lebanese Shiite Lebanese terrorist group the ultimate guarantee when he said: Hizballah will never be disarmed.
debkafile: It was Iran’s first assurance since hostilities were launched Wednesday, July 12 and may be interpreted as a promise of weapons and, if necessary, fighting men to avert a Hizballah defeat.
debkafile‘s counter-terror sources see also a message addressed to the Olmert government that Israel will not achieve its objectives in Lebanon or succeed in dictating new rules.
Earlier, Tehran threatened Israel against attacking Syria
An Iranian spokesman said Sunday: “We are standing by the Syrian people. Israel faces “unimaginable losses”. Hizballah was not mentioned.

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