Ahmadinejad says “issuers” of UN sanctions resolution against Iran “will soon regret their useless act”

He called the sanctions resolution the Security Council carried unanimously Saturday, Dec. 23, against Iran for refusing to halt uranium enrichment “trash paper”. Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator said Iran will begin installing 3,000 centrifuges at a uranium enrichment plan at Natanz from Sunday and drive it with full speed.
Shortly before the vote, the US and Russian presidents conferred by telephone to overcome last-minute snags.
debkafile Reports: The price of a unanimous vote was an emasculated sanctions motion which leaves US and Israel minus a policy or defense for Iran’s nuclear weapons program.
The final version contains little that should inconvenience Tehran, and no word on the clandestine military nuclear activities systematically concealed from UN inspectors.
While banning imports and exports of dangerous materials and technology relating to nuclear enrichment, reprocessing, ballistic missile programs and heavy water reactors – such as the one in Arak – the resolution omits to block the far larger reactor the Russians are building at Bushehr, even though it will be able to produce plutonium for making a weapon.
Moscow has also got away with forcing Western members to drop the proposed travel ban and financial freeze against 11 individuals and 12 organizations from Iran which associated with nuclear programs, to prevent them from buying dangerous materials.
Although Israel is the most directly and explicitly threatened by an Iranian nuclear bomb, its leaders, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni, have clung to reliance on the “international community” for pulling its irons out of the fire in Tehran. For years, they blindly followed the European engagement course of President George W. Bush and secretary of state Condoleezza Rice – even as Washington fell back in the face of Russian, Chinese and Qatari pressure to render sanctions meaningless.
Other Council members wanted the resolution over and done with before the New Year and a new Security Council composition, when the whole Iran sanctions process would have had to go back to square one. Moscow and Tehran were the winners of this haste.

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