Analysis: Osama bin Laden attacks Hizballah’s Nasrallah and Shiite Iran

Examination of the full text of the al Qaeda leader’s second audio-taped message in three days, aired On May 18, shows him exploiting the Palestinian issue to fan the flames of the Sunni-Shiite dispute raging in Iraq and Lebanon – and carry it over to the Gaza Strip.
His 22-minute diatribe calls Arab leaders “agents of crusaders,” and “wolves,” who have stopped taking instructions from Islam and take them from the United States. The only Arab leader bin Laden singles out by name is Hizballah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah.
He says: He claimed [in starting the 2006 Lebanon War] that he had enough resources, such as money and combatants, to fight Israel. “But the truth is the opposite.” Al Qaeda’s leader asks: “If he were honest and had enough resources, why then did he not support the fight to liberate Palestinian?”
Bin Laden also attacked Nasrallah for allowing the deployment of UN peacekeepers in South Lebanon “to protect the Jews.”
The Sunni terrorist chief went on to lambast Shiite Iran for its efforts to dominate the Middle East.
The message, released to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary, pandered to anger in the Arab world over US president George W. Bush’s fulsome praise of Israel. He called on Muslims to ignore the Islamic prohibition against raising arms against fellow Muslims, pointing to the kings and leaders who “sacrificed Palestine and al Aqsa to keep their crowns.” They have decided that peace with the Zionists is their strategic option, “so damn their decision,” bin Laden said.
debkafile‘s terror experts note that, without saying so, Osama bin Laden has fetched up in for the first time in the same corner as the United States, Israel and Sunni Arab governments in opposing Iran’s attempts to dominate Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

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