Ankara says all Turkish-US relations would be shattered if America were proved to have given arms to PKK Kurdish terrorists

Asked whether Ankara had evidence to support the claim, deputy prime minister and foreign minister Abdullah Gul said in a television interview there was no confirmation but there is an allegation and convincing confessions, which must be investigated. Ankara has asked Washington for clarifications.
On July 6, DEBKA-Net-Weekly 308, shed light on the occurrence which has caused such consternation in Ankara.
That American weapons are flowing to more than one unforeseen destination was revealed this week by chance, DEBKA-Net-Weekly revealed 11 days ago. Four defectors of the Turkish separatist Kurdish party, the PKK, stood up in Ankara and announced that two armored vehicles had been sighted carrying American weapons to PKK hideouts in the Qandil Mountain of northern Iraq.
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Attempting to calm the Turkish government, the US ambassador to Turkey Ross Wilson strenuously denied the claim. He said “the US was the first country after Turkey to designate the PKK a terrorist organization. We continue to classify it as such, and on the basis of that, we do not and will not negotiate with the PKK or its leaders, supply weapons to the organization or its personnel or assist them in any way,” the ambassador stressed.
He was telling no more than the truth. However, rather than assuming that the right hand does not know what the left is doing, DEBKA-Net-Weekly‘s military sources report that the arms and war materials supplied through the American army posted in Kurdistan to the biIranian Kurdish separatist movementib, the PEJAK (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan) appear to have been diverted at some point and by an unknown hand to the anti-Turkish Kurdish PKK.
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