Another Israeli woman is dead after Palestinians attacked Beit Horon with knives. They also carried bombs


For the third time in 10 days, Palestinian terrorists Monday, Jan. 25, infiltrated an Israeli village for murder. This time, they stabbed two women shopping in the grocery of Beit Horon, which is located on Route 443 between Modi’in and Jerusalem.  Shlomit Krugman, 24, from Shdemot Mehola, later died of her wounds in hospital. The second woman is in serious condition. The killers also carried three bombs, a significant escalation in the current Palestinian terror campaign. They were shot dead by a security guard before they could detonate them. 
Last week, Palestinian terrorists murdered a mother of 6 at Othniel and injured a pregnant woman at Tekoa. Monday, the two knifemen also planned to blow up buildings with people. They were later found to have come from the neighboring village of Beit Ur a-Tachta and the Kalandia refugee camp..

debkafile pointed to the following conclusions immediately after the episode Monday night:
1)  How did the terrorists manage to break through the fence enclosing Beit Horon without sounding the alarm?

2)  They were clearly familiar with the layout of the village and made straight for the store to reach their targets.

3)  The Palestinians were not satisfied with stabbing women, but planned to round off their murders with an explosion for more casualties.
4)  Route 443, as one of the two main highways linking the capital, Jerusalem, to the rest of the country should be much better secured than it is. However, each time traffic or soldiers at checkpoints are attacked by Palestinians, security measures for keeping the route safe prove inadequate.

5)  This attack bore the hallmarks of am organized terrorist operation. It will be hard for IDF and Defense Ministry spokesman to continue to dismiss the wave of Palestinian terror ongoing since September as just another lone initiative unsupported by an organization.

IDF units  Monday night encircled Ur a-Tachta, the Palestinian village on Rte 443, home to one of the two terrorists who raided Beit Horon earlier Monday.. The other terrorist came from the Kalandia refugee camp near Jerusalem.  Police have closed Rte 443, one of the two highways to Jerusalem for some hours – officially because of ice on the road, but additionally, in view of security operations related to the latest Palestinian terrorist attack. It marked a serious escalation due to the introduction of bombs. 

debkafile's counter-terrorism sources add: Raids of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, the new Palestinian terror tactic, call for an organization, rather than lone-wolf operations on impulse or conspiracies at family level. The Beit Horon attack was carried out by terrorists from two different villages, and therefore required pre-planning, a go-between and a supplier of explosive devices, as well as accessories to help cut through the security fence of the targeted community and arrange an escape route.   

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