Another vehicular terrorist Qassem Mughrabi injures 23 Israelis in Jerusalem Monday

Some are still in hospital, one, a girl soldier is in serious condition. The terrorist, after crashing his black BMW into a group of soldiers and civilians in downtown Jerusalem Monday night, Sept. 22, was shot dead by Lt. Elad Amer, an artillery officer. The soldiers were trampled on the sidewalk, heading on foot to the Western Wall for prayers before the New Year festival next week. The killer Qassem Salah Mughrabi came from the southern Jerusalem suburb of Jebel Mukaber.
Defense minister Ehud Barak says the legal obstacles to demolishing the homes of terrorists resident in Jerusalem must be overcome as the most effective deterrent for terror. In the last seven months, Palestinian terrorists have struck in the capital six times, twice using earthmovers to mow down high street traffic. They left 15 people dead and hundreds injured. The High Court has restricted punitive measures.
On the West Bank, an Israeli soldier at the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus lost the sight of one eye when a Palestinian woman threw acid on his face.
Military sources report the easing of counter-terror measures for Ramadan has generated a proliferation of Palestinian attacks.

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