At least 190 killed, 700 injured, in seven nearly simultaneous bomb blasts that hit moving commuter trains in western Mumbai

Arrests have been made in New Delhi and other Indian cities. The prime suspect is Lashkar e-Toyyba, the Kashmir wing of Al Qaeda, whose operatives are thought to have flown in from overseas carrying explosives.
The Well-coordinated attacks within a 30-minute span were carried out in India’s financial hub at the commuter rush hour Tuesday, July 11. They targeted men’s compartments in first class carriages. Interior minister Shivraj Patil said security authorities had obtained advance warning some days earlier of a major attack in store without a time or a place. The first blast occurred in a first class carriage near Khar station breaking the car in half. The roof of one train was blown off. All India’s major cities, including the capital New Delhi, and international airports are on high terror alert after the train blasts.
Eight civilians were killed, including tourists, in six terror blasts in Srinagar Tuesday morning.

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