Barak flew to Egypt, heard Mubarak on new Gaza plan

The Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak wanted to hear about progress in Egypt’s mediation for the release of the Israeli soldier kidnapped in 2006 by Hamas, when he met the president Hosni Mubarak Tuesday, Aug. 26. However, debkafile reports that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak preferred first to lay before his Israeli visitor the 11-point scheme he and Saudi king Abdullah have developed for the Gaza Strip.
A 3,000-strong Egyptian force would effectively displace Hamas government and restore Cairo’s pre-1967 War dominion over the enclave. The plan also aims to heal the Palestinian Fatah-Hamas rift.
This plan is subject to Israel’s approval as the deployment would breach the demilitarized clauses of the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace accord. Cairo is expected to delay the Shalit case until this plan goes through.
To read the exclusive details of the 11-point plan, click HERE
Monday night, Barak stressed before US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice that Israel had not given up on its military option to pre-empt Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear bomb.
After meeting prime minister Ehud Olmert and foreign minister Tzipi Livni, Rice winds up her Israeli-Palestinian mission in Ramallah Tuesday.

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