Barrage of seven Hizballah rockets wounds at least 11 civilians in Safed, three seriously

Hizballah rockets strike the Safed-Acre road near Carmiel, another Galilee town. The rockets landed Thursday afternoon outside City Hall, struck a school and another landed in the town center of the ancient Kabala center – and are still coming.
Northern Israel went on war footing after 60 Hizballah rockets fired from Lebanon landed inside a 20-km. radius from the border.
A second rocket volley that hit Nahariya wounded 29 people, after the first killed a woman in her home. The resort town’s high street, Gaaton Boulevard, took direct hits.
Twenty rockets have now hit the Israel Air Force intelligence surveillance center on Mt. Meron since early Thursday. No casualties.
The main highways from Acre, Safed and Rosh Pina heading north are closed to civilian traffic.
Targeted for Hizballah rocket attack: Kiryat Shemona, Rosh Pina, Mishmar Hayarden, Mahanayim airfield and Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi. Some of these locations have never before come under Hizballah attack.
The Nahariya regional hospital has moved its wards to underground, bombproof facilities. The train service to the town is suspended.
Summer schools and camps, also shops, are closed across northern Israel. The education ministry has cancelled all summer school trips to the affected region. After spending Wednesday night in bomb shelters, a quarter of a million Israeli civilians were told to stay there Thursday. Some people decided to head south out of harm’s way. Summer schools and camps, also shops, are closed. The education ministry has cancelled all school trips to the north.

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