Beware the Second Wave

debkafile‘s intelligence sources report that Islamic militants under the command of Saudi multimillionaire terrorist Osama Bin Laden, the radical Egyptian Jihadi Islami, Iraqi military intelligence and other Middle East groups, stand poised for a second wave of horrendous attacks in America. An estimated 30 to 50 suicide-killers are waiting inside the US for their orders to strike.
This time, while again aiming for the US President, the White House and Capitol Hill, they will also go for a broad spectrum of what they consider strategic targets, such as airports, oil fields and oil installations, sensitive military and intelligence facilities, warships and carriers. The last were indeed ordered out to sea shortly after the first assaults on Tuesday.
Aware that flushing out the terrorists in waiting, many of whom may be US nationals, is akin to finding a needle in a haystack, US leaders quickly resorted to a short cut. Two days ago, they turned to a number of world leaders, including Europeans, the Russian president and Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, to request a pooling of intelligence. They were asked to share every scrap of information they had on international terror movements, in support of the US effort to eradicate the blight. Quick crosschecking between the services strongly confirmed the second wave thesis. It has kept US security services at the highest level of suspense they have ever known.
Therefore the FBI’s dragnet on the trail of the conspiracy behind he deadly airliner suicide attacks on America are moving fast, so that the country is not caught off guard again. US security authorities are concerned to strengthen the two lines of defense against terrorist attack: the first-line barrier, advance intelligence, and the second-line defense, security. Both broke down when New York’s landmark the World Trade Center, and America’s military nerve center, the Pentagon in Washington, were crushingly assaulted by suicidal terrorists last Tuesday.

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