Bodies found of F16I pilot and navigator from training accident over S. Israel

After an extensive search, the bodies were found in the Ramon Crater of Maj. Amihai Itkis, 28, from Sde Warburg and Maj. Emanuel Levy, 30, from Maale Adummim, the pilot and navigator whose F16I crashed Wednesday night during a dogfight exercise. The accident is initially thought to have been caused by a miscalculation by the air crew rather than a technical fault.

They were taking part in an exercise simulating an attack by enemy planes at high altitude in night conditions.  Instead of gaining height the plane lost altitude and dived into a crash. The pilot did not signal distress. The F16I is the most advanced warplane of the Israeli Air Force. The IAF commander Maj. Gen. Idan Nechushtan has ordered an inquiry and grounded the F16Is taking part in the exercise.

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