Bush repeats the US will not leave Iraq before the job is done – however tough

In a speech to the nation, the US president said: If I thought our mission in Iraq was not vital to US security, I would bring our troops home tomorrow. I am confident we will succeed in Iraq. We must prevail in Iraq to defeat terrorism in the Middle East.
If the extremists are not beaten, there will be a radical Islamic empire that will control oil and blackmail the world. We are adapting our tactics to achieve victory and help the Iraqi government take control, as the enemy shifts its tactics. I am not satisfied with the situation in Iraq. Some Iraqi forces have performed below expectations. We cannot let disappointment turn to disillusion.
A military solution alone will not solve the violence. In the end, the Iraqi government will have to solve these problems. American patience is not unlimited, but we will not put more pressure on the Iraqi government than it can bear. Americans can have confidence that we will prevail. US security depends on Iraq not becoming a terrorist haven like Afghanistan.

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