Bush says the unanimous UN resolution passed Saturday shows a world united against N. Korea’s nuclear ambitions

The resolution carried 15:0 imposing financial and arms sanctions on North Korea as punishment for its nuclear test, excludes military action. The sanctions, watered down from the original US text, would be lifted if North Korea went back to the six-power talks. Pyongyang is required to dismantle its nuclear, biological and ballistic missile programs.
The measure bars the sale and transfer of missiles, warships, tanks, attack helicopters and combat aircraft, as well as missile- and nuclear-related goods to the North Korean government. It calls for UN member nations to conduct “inspections of cargo“ going to or from North Korea.
debkafile adds: The question of how to monitor cargoes by land or air is an open question in view of the ban on military action. The Chinese ambassador said later he did not agree to inspections. The US ambassador remarked that Beijing was obliged to carry out the policing resolution.
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is due to tour China, Japan and South Korea next week.

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