Bush says the US is committed to diplomacy but reserves all options to defend its friends against North Korea

Talking to reporters in the White House, the US President said the US did not intend to invade North Korea, but “We are working with our partners in the region and the United Nations Security Council to ensure there are serious repercussions for the regime in Pyongyang.” He said Washington was working to confirm the claim of Monday’s nuclear test, but would increase cooperation with allies on ballistic weapons defense systems.
Earlier a high official in Pyongyang threatened more tests if the US remained hostile.
Japan has imposed unilateral sanctions on Pyongyang closing its ports to North Korean ships.
Before the US president spoke, outgoing UN Secretary Kofi Annan urged the US to go back to bilateral talks with North Korea. This all US officials have refused to do.
The US wants UN sanctions brought under Chapter 7 of the UN charter which could be ultimately enforceable by military means. China, Russia and South Korea oppose this measure.

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