Conspiracy of silence over four Iranian nuclear-capable missile tests

Our Iranian and intelligence sources offer details on the British Foreign Secretary William Hague's allegation Wednesday, June 29, that Iran has carried out secret tests of missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload in breach of UN resolution 1929: Three of those tests, four in all, were carried out between October 2010 and February 2011and the fourth on Tuesday, June 28, in the course of the Prophet Mohammed war games currently in progress.
Iran is clearly continuing to upgrade and improve the accuracy of the missiles in its armory that are capable of delivering nuclear warheads.
It was the last test of the four that led Hague to break the Russian-imposed US-Israeli blackout on the critical tests, thereby leaving Iran free to push ahead at top speed with its program for attaining an operational nuclear weapon. Click here for debkafile's June 29 report of Hague disclosures.

debkafile's military and Moscow sources now report exclusively: In early October 2010, Russian intelligence learned that Iran was about to begin test launches of missiles for carrying nuclear warheads. They reported this to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

He then took three steps: He conveyed the information to US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and bound them to secrecy.  With their pledges in hand, he used backdoor intelligence channels to persuade Tehran to refrain from bragging about its dramatic progress and keep the tests of the nuclear-capable missiles quiet in order to avert a world outcry against the violation of all their international commitments.  The Iranians bought the deal.

In this way, the Russian leader raised a wall of silence around Iran's advances towards ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and pre-empted condemnations, Security Council action, and other forms of American, European and Israeli action for keeping a nuclear bomb out of Iranian hands.

This was the last straw – at least for the British government. Hague in consultation with Prime Minister David Cameron went public about what Iran was really up to with a statement to parliament.

debkafile's military sources disclose that Iran has now tested two types of missile for carrying nuclear warheads: the Shahab-3 Kadar and the Sejjil – both powered with solid fuel and having a maximum range of 2,510 kilometers.
Two of the first three tests – one by Sejjil and one by Shahab-3 Kadar – were successful. A third apparently failed. Tuesday of this week the Iranians conducted another successful Shahab-3 test. 

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