Coronavirus normal: Beaches, houses of prayer, museums reopen under health rules

As of Wednesday, May 20, Israelis are allowed to frequent beaches, synagogues, mosques, churches and museums so long as they observe Ministry of Health coronavirus guidelines. Restaurants and bars – next week. The lifeguards are instructed to issue hourly warnings to bathers to keep the required distance and wear masks. In houses of prayer, congregations are limited to 50; worshipers must stay two meters apart and wear masks.
On Wednesday too, public transport is finally allowed to take on a full load of passengers during rush hours. Special services are laid on to accommodate school hours from 7.000 to 8.30 a.m. and 13,00 to 15,00 p,m.

From May 27, restaurants, bars, clubs, swimming pools, hotels, youth movements will be back in operation. The covid-19 guidelines require eateries to space tables one and-a-half meters apart and restaurants licensed to accommodate 100 diners must hold service down to 85pc of that number.

The school system reopened on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday night, the minister of health issued a new order excusing the children from wearing face masks during the current heat wave.
The new figures issued by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday morning: 2.946 active coronavirus cases (up by 12), 278 deaths (one more than Tuesday), 50 in serious condition, 38 on ventilators and 13,435 recoveries out of the total of 16,659 infected since February

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