Deaths rise to 158 in multiple terrorist violence in central Paris

French police placed areas of Paris under curfew Friday night as the city came under multiple terrorist attack with at least 158 dead, including 118 hostages. French President Francois Hollande said that in view of the unprecedented assault, he has ordered French borders closed and mobilized the army under a state of emergency. Three locations were initially targeted but there mayhave been twice as many. In an automatic shootout at a Paris restaurant near the Charlie Hebdo magazine left 11 dead. Then two explosions possibly by suicide bombers hit a bar near the football stadium during a French-German match.Three people were killed at one of the gates.  President Francois Hollande was evacuated from the stadium and called an emergency cabinet meeting at midnight. 

At the Bataclan Theater, two gunmen fired 20 shots during a rock concert killing at least 15 people and taking 100 hostages from the audience which they were said to be killing one by one. This situation galvanized the French police into a rapid rescue assault on the hall. They found a horifying scene of carnage with 118 dead. Two terrorists were killed in the assault.  One of the gunmen shouted that he acted for the Islamic State before he died.

A shooting was also reported at Les Halles shopping mall in the town center and incidents near the Louvre and the Pompidou Center. 

President Barack Obama was updated on the situation in Paris after US intelligence judged the attacks to be coordinated although terror was not mentioned. UK Prime Minister David Cameron offered the French government all possible help.



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