debkafile: An Israeli woman fleeing from a Palestinian missile blast in Sderot was run over by a car and seriously injured. It was the 43rd of 50

The 44nd smashed into a Sderot home. Most were aimed at this battered town and Ashkelon to the north. Two exploded in villages of the Eshkol region.
Thirty were fired in one hour from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m., injuring two people in Sderot. One exploded in Kibbutz Nir Am.
Thirty were fired in a single hour from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m., injuring another two people in Sderot. One exploded in Kibbutz Nir Am.
Tuesday a kibbutz volunteer, Carlos Chavez, 20 from Ecuador, was killed and four Sderot residents injured, including two children. The day saw 41 missiles, a Katyusha rocket exploding in southern Ashkelon, heavy machine fire against the homes of Kibbutz Alumim and 16 mortar rounds, many falling at Netiv Ha’asara.
In Sderot, more families are getting packed to flee their small beleaguered town, as emergency medical services sustain top-level alert for further assaults on Israeli targets within a wide radius from Gaza.
Israeli counter-terror operations in Gaza Tuesday left up to 20 armed Palestinians dead, and more than 40 injured.
debkafile‘s military sources: 17 months after a month-long Hizballah rocket bombardment of northern Israel, the Israeli military and air force are again frustrated in their efforts to staunch the Palestinian cross-border missile assault on southwest Israel. Their operations lead only to intensified bombardment. High casualties do not deter Hamas and its jihadist partners.
For this reason, many of the IDF field officers commanding Gaza operations complain that as long as their sorties are confined to the fringes of the Palestinian bastions in the refugee camps and mortar positions, the Hamas’ missile-launching capabilities will not be seriously affected.
For now, Israeli policy-makers are using the thunder of battle to create an optical illusion of progress towards this objective when, in fact, very little is achieved.
As soon as the troops pull back to the Israeli side, the Palestinians go back to their former forward positions and let loose with rockets, mortars, heavy machine guns and explosive devices, and the missiles, which are fabricated and cached in safety inside the camps. All Israeli troops are allowed at the moment is to keep control of the border fence under constant Palestinian pressure to breach it.

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