debkafile discloses: Syrian intelligence agents reach Ramallah for first get-together with Palestinian Hamas ministers Tuesday

Because of a serious Israeli security oversight – now under scrutiny – Syrian military intelligence has obtained its first foothold in the Palestinian administration through agents, pro-Syrian Druze tribesmen from the Golan Heights, who reached Ramallah. The meeting with Hamas, according to our counter-terror sources, produced a joint body to coordinate from Ramallah Syrian-backed Druze operations against Israel’s Golan presence. This was the first link ever established for overt cooperation between Israeli citizens loyal to Damascus and a Palestinian Authority department on the West Bank.
Under investigation now is how Golan Druze agents stole unchallenged past IDF roadblocks all the way from Golan to Ramallah to meet Hamas officials in the office of Wasfi Qab’a, Palestinian minister for prisoners. Their leader was Sheikh Suleiman Maqat, two of whose sons are in Israeli jails for spying for Syrian military intelligence. With him were Mohammad Safadi and Intisal Walai, a Golan Druze women’s leader.

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