debkafile Exclusive: Brig-Gen. Abdul Karim Abbas, head of the Syrian intelligence Palestinian department is on the list of 6 Syrian officers UN Har

Abbas is in charge of Damascus’ relations with the Palestinian terrorist organizations, Ahmed Jibril’s PFLP-General Command, Hamas and Jihad Islami. Mehlis has evidence of Abbas’ presence at the time of Hariri’s murder on Feb. 14, at one of the two flats in the Hamra district of Beirut used as the assassination team`s headquarters. From there, he directed the Palestinians involved in the crime in various functions on the ground including as lookouts.
Another high Syrian officer debkafile reveals here as wanted for questioning by the UN team in Beirut is Brig-Gen. Zaafar al Yousuf, head of communications and Internet at Syrian intelligence. He too was present in one of the two apartments. Soon after the assassination, debkafile disclosed the existence of the two apartments. They were equipped with equipment for eavesdropping on Rafiq Hariri’s phone calls as well as disarming two of the jamming devices installed in the vehicles of his convoy as safeguards against assassination. Mehlis did not mention the two apartments in the report he submitted to the UN Security Council on Oct. 20.
The UN investigation’s list of suspects for interrogation is headed by Gen. Assef Shawqat, head of Syrian military intelligence who is married to the president’s sister, Gen. Bajhat Suleiman, head of the supreme council of Syrian intelligence agencies, Gen. Rustoum Ghazalah, former chief of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon who officiates now as head of Syrian external intelligence, and Col. Jam’a Jam’a, Ghazalah’s senior lieutenant.
After interviewing the Syrian officers, Mehlis will demand a group of Lebanese officers, one or two of whom are hiding under Syrian intelligence protection in Syria. They are Col. Wasaf Sirhan, of the Lebanese presidential guard, Brig-Gen Faisal Rashid, Col. Elias Sasson, and Col. Mohammad al-Mohsein.

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