debkafile Exclusive: Data on Hizballah’s stock of missiles that can reach Tel Aviv and pre-war shore-sea missiles were correct in May 2007. They ha

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s report to the UN Security Council confirms that Hizballah has tripled its arsenal of the C-802 anti-ship missiles which struck the Israeli missile destroyer in the 2006 Lebanon War, and “has since rearmed to a level higher than prior to last year’s conflict.”
The stationing of its rocket force, including hundreds of Zilzal and Fajr rockets, north of the Litani River is immaterial because their range has been extended to 250km and can reach Tel Aviv.
Augmenting the UN Secretary’s report, debkafile‘s military sources reveal: Hizballah has since May boosted its fighting strength by 20 percent, including anti-air units freshly-trained in Iran and armed with Iranian anti-air missiles and guns. Iranian engineers are also paving 1,000 km of strategic highways across Lebanon to speed up military convoy movements.

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