debkafile Exclusive: Hizballah hijacks case of German-Israeli Daniel Sharon for propaganda

The pro-Iranian Lebanese Shiite group has seized on Sharon’s accidental detention in the course of a suspected murder probe in Beirut, to depict him as belonging to a 250-strong Israeli spy ring equipped by the German BND external intelligence with German passports. The 32-year old Sharon is said to have been on a mission to prepare the US-Israeli attack on Iran.
No source in Israel or Germany confirms this tale.
Monday, Sept 24, the Phalange leader Samir Geagea also claimed Sharon’s arrest had “foiled a big terrorist attack in Lebanon. What has Lebanon come to when an Israeli agent can operate in the heart of Beirut?” he asked.
Following these allegations, the Lebanese government cancelled the visits to the detainee scheduled by German embassy and Red Cross officials for Monday.
According to debkafile‘s intelligence sources, Hizballah is connecting the alleged Israeli air attack on Syria of Sept 6 to claims of US-Israeli preparations to attack Iran and trying to present the Israeli-born German Daniel Sharon as proof of those preparations.
As further grist for its mill, our sources report Hizballah is planning to hold up a purported French intelligence “document” which fell into its hands to expose the trilateral collaboration between the US, Germany and Israel. This “document” is described as the source of Hizballah’s claim that Mossad agents, armed with genuine German passports, had in the past year been sent on missions to Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. They are described as transiting Amman, flying by Royal Jordanian Airways to Irbil and Suleimaniya in Kurdish Iraq and thence to Iran and other Muslim states.
All these missions, Hizballah propagandists report, were linked to the preparations to strike Iranian nuclear installations and the Mossad’s other plans for halting Tehran’s nuclear program. They add for good measure that Israeli intelligence veterans are pushing hard for the Mossad to carry out pinpoint liquidations of Iranian and foreign nuclear scientists along the same format as Israel’s liquidations of German scientists employed in Egypt’s missile program in the late 1950s.

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