debkafile Exclusive: Iran and Syria declare massive boycott of multinational companies with Jewish or Israeli stockholders or Zionist links

Our Iranian sources report that, in a move to counter possible UN sanctions, foreign minister Manoucheir Mottaki presented 7 booklets with two enclosures listing those firms to the Majlis on Oct. 2. He explained: “Article 8 of the law titled Support for the Islamic Revolution of the Palestinian People bans economic relations with any company, institution or firm affiliated with the Zionist regime anywhere in the world.”
Two days earlier, the US Congress passed a bill extending Iran sanctions after the White House watered down an earlier version that would also have punished offshore subsidiaries of US companies that deal with Iran. However, part of the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s current Middle East mission is to press Arab leaders to instruct banks in the region to cut ties with entities contributing to Iran’s nuclear program, support for terror or pursuit of advanced conventional weapons.
Iran has countered by pushing OPEC to reduce production and raise oil prices.
Mottaki further informed the Iranian parliament that the list of firms with whom Iranian law bans relations will be updated henceforth year by year. Iran and Syria are determined to expose Israeli companies hiding behind false names.
Zionist capital is invested in multinational firms for two purposes, according to the Iranian foreign minister: To achieve political goals in the Middle East and to expand Jewish and Zionist interests in the Middle East and Persian Gulf.
Iran, he said, will follow up the ban of Israeli products imposed by the OIC (the Arab Boycott Organization).
DEBKA’s sources note that Iran’s invests substantially in staff work and research for developing an aggressive, long-term worldwide anti-Israeli strategy as well as counteracting potential punitive measures for its nuclear program.
In contrast, the Israeli prime minister’s office and foreign ministry do not appear to have given due attention to the tangible threats systematically devised by the Islamic Republic for Israeli and Jewish interests, or embarked on initiatives to ward them off.

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