debkafile: North African al Qaeda warns Israeli ambassador: “You won’t escape us again”

Abu Moussab al Wadoud, chief of al Qaeda in the Maghreb, issued a warning Tuesday, Feb. 5 to Israeli ambassador to Mauritania Boaz Bismut in these words, as reported by debkafile‘s counter-terror sources: “Prepare for something bad to happen to you…You won’t get away this time… We have lots more arrows in our quiver. Remember, you will need to escape each time.”
The Islamist statement claimed Israel and Mauritania misreported the Feb. 1, attack on the Israeli embassy in Nouakchott, as though only French tourists were hurt. debkafile reported: The empty embassy building was empty because the staff had been relocated in safe places across the capital.
In fact, al Qaeda claims, Israelis and Mauritanians were injured too at a time “when the accursed Jews are harming our brothers in Palestine with a criminal siege of Gaza.”
This is the first overt link between North African al Qaeda and the Palestinians of Gaza. Israeli and North African security quarters fear that the warning augurs further attacks by the Islamist terrorists on Israeli and Jewish institutions in North Africa. The jihadists go on to denounce Arab rulers for collaborating with the “Zionist enemy” – an apparent reference to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The statement’s final sentence runs: “You in Palestine should know that our heart in the faraway Maghreb beats strongly and we will not rest until we uproot the Jews from the land that belongs to you.”

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