debkafile reports: Continuing Palestinian missile strikes on Sderot will place Gaza’s Beit Hanoun under direct Israeli artillery bombardment

This decision by the Israeli government Tuesday, June 7, was not made public. It was taken because the artillery barrages against Palestinian missiles sites on open ground, avoiding built-up areas, has never stopped the missiles coming against the small Negev town day after day. Now that Sderot townspeople are threatening to desert their battered town in a body, the government had decided to create a balance of terror between the two towns. Beit Hanoun, from which Sderot is attacked, will suffer retaliation – but only if warranted by a heavy missile attack on the Israeli town that causes damage, and its inhabitants will be warned in advance in time to leave.
Israeli prime minister Olmert and foreign minister Livni informed US official David Welch of this decision during their talks in Jerusalem Wednesday.

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