debkafile reports: Hamas did not wait for Abu Mazen, set up new Palestinian government in Gaza

Hamas prime minister-designate Ismail Haniya presented his cabinet line-up to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas Sunday night. Abbas must submit the ministers to the legislative assembly for approval.
The Islamic terror organization which came out of the January general election with a majority in the Palestinian parliament has built a cabinet without partners – and without waiting for Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s approval.
debkafile discloses the key appointments:
Ismail Haniya – prime minister; Mahmoud a-Zahar – foreign minister; Said Siyam from Gaza – interior minister with responsibility for Palestinian security services; Dr. Omar Abdel-Razeq from Salfit, who was in Israeli administration detention until last week – finance ; Dr. Nasser a-Din Shaar from Nablus – education; Abdel Rahim Hanbali from Nablus – agriculture; Dr. Abu Aysha from Nablus – planning; Abdel Jawad from Salfit – minister for Palestinian prisoners; Naif Rajoub from Hebron (brother of Fatah leader Jabril Rajoub) – the key post of minister of holy foundations; and Faraj al Ghoul, from Gaza – justice.
Sons of the Ghoul clan are senior commanders of the Hamas military wing Ezz-e Din al-Qassem Brigades, whose record includes orchestrating and executing some of the deadliest of Hamas’s 60 suicide attacks on Israelis.
debkafile‘s Palestinian sources add: Al the ministerial posts are taken by Hamas members – 14 from the Gaza Strip and 10 from the West Bank.
Hamas leaders first offered to present the list of ministers to Abu Mazen provided he traveled to Gaza City. They then backtracked after deciding there was no chance of the Fatah leader approving the appointments or the Hamas government’s draft platform, in which he would certainly demand changes. The fundamentalist group therefore decided to bypass Abbas and convene parliament early next week to endorse the new administration. According to the Palestinian constitution, only Abbas as president has the authority to convene the legislature. But Hamas is not daunted by the prospect of heading a government without presidential or parliamentary ratification.

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