debkafile reports: Hamas leader Ismail Haniya is in Cairo. Egypt allowed him to leave Gaza for the first time, while Israel’s FM Tzipi Livni was on

Livni was received by President Mubarak Wednesday, Feb. 1, as Palestinian leader Abu Mazen left the presidential office.
debkafile‘s Middle East sources report: Mubarak and his intelligence minister Omar Suleiman set in motion an elaborate flurry of diplomacy to keep their hand and avoid antagonizing anyone, especially Hamas. They warned Livni that if Israel froze revenues to the Hamas-led Palestinian government, Iran would make up the difference. And while making Hamas leader Haniya welcome in Cairo, they also tipped Abu Mazen to take his time before handing government over to the terrorist group which won the Palestinian election. This ploy may well spin out of control, especially if Hamas resents Abu Mazen’s foot-dragging and decides to confront him and Israel, which remains passive, with unforeseen reprisals.

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