debkafile reports: Iran shows off new long-range 1,800-km missile together with fierce slogans and defiant rhetoric at a big military parade outsid

The official announcer said the weapon put US bases in the Middle East and Israel within reach, as a large slogan was displayed from supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “The Iranian nation is ready to bring any oppressive power to its knees.”
debkafile‘s military sources report that Tehran used the parade Saturday, Sept. 22, marking 27th anniversary of Iraqi invasion of Iran in 1980, to unveil its new Ghadr-1, described by Western experts as having a “baby bottle-style” nose for extra aerodynamic efficiency and an improved version of Iran’s existing longer-range Shahab-3. They believe it can carry a more advanced payload.
The huge trucks carrying the missiles were marked with vicious slogans calling for
“Death to America,” “Death to Israel,” “Israeli should be eliminated,” “No Muslim may recognize Israel” and “Israel must be wiped off the map.”
Western military attaches boycotted the rally for the second year running.
Ahead of his visit to the UN General Assembly in New York next week, the Iranian president declared that “psychological war, political propaganda and so-called economic sanctions” would not prevent Iran’s “fast drive towards progress.”
He spoke as American and European officials discussed a third round of UN Security Council sanctions against Iran for refusing to give up uranium enrichment.
The new head of the elite Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Ali Jaafari said in his first public appearance: “Iran’s enemies would surely have a bitter experience in Iran, which is the cradle of defense civilization.”
But he admitted that Iran’s military, especially its air force, had been hit by the US embargo. Their material capabilities are better than ours,” he said. “…We are responding to technology not with technology but with special methods and tactics.”

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