debkafile reports: Israeli Golan forces on Syrian border in state of preparedness for Yom Kippur War anniversary

They are braced for a possible decision by Syrian president Bashar Asad to make good on his recent belligerent statements. Asad has said that Syria is losing patience over the delays in recovering the Golan and certain elements are preparing a campaign of terror in the territory. Israeli officers and the security officers of local communities were cautioned ahead of Yom Kippur to stand ready for terrorist incursions from Syria, attacks on army posts and roads, roadside devices and kidnap attempts.
debkafile‘s intelligence and military sources say Israel is acting on the premise that the Syrian army may seek to mark the anniversary of the Yom Kippur war with a repeat of its initial success 33 years ago in driving as far as the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee before being thrown back
The Israeli-Lebanese border is also on high alert in case Hizballah decides to use its restored presence and free hand in southern Lebanon for a spectacular operation.
The Washington Post is the latest publication to confirm debkafile reports that the presence of 5,000 United Nations troops and Lebanese army units in S. Lebanon has done nothing to hinder Hizballah’s return to its former fortified village sanctuaries within sight of the Israeli border, or its access to replenished arms dumps. Neither set foot in Hizballah strongholds.

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